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I'm late on all my projects. I'm back here after few weeks. Burn-out has come… I hope resume some activities before the end of the month, but I'm not sure.

Et voilà, j'ai assisté à la finale belge de MT180 (Ma Thèse en 180s). C'était vraiment très intéressant et les participantes et le participant étaient bons ! J'ai été heureux de voir autant de monde intéressé par un événement sur la science.

Today, I show the final of Belgian MT180 (my thesis in 180 seconds). That was really interesting with very good participants. And really happy to see a lot of people during an event about science!

[EN] You can follow me, I just filter bots. I answer quickly to requests.

[FR] Vous pouvez me suivre, je filtre juste les bots. Je réponds aux requêtes rapidement.

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I love how most people provide alt text for their images. This is amazing and so helpful. Thank you everyone and keep using alt text!!!

Happy towel day! And thanks for all the fish!

[EN] And now, not the final result because I need to a 19x19 one and note a 2x2 one. I can't wait to play go game with it! If you want all files (sorry I have to comment the code):

[FR] Et maintenant, pas encore le résultat final mais presque, parce que je dois imprimer la version 19x19 et pas 2x2. J'ai si hâte de jouer au go avec ça ! Et si vous voulez les fichiers :

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This means that if you make a script that does something that only you personally will get anything out of, that's fine, make it as inaccessible as you like, only you will deal with any consequences that arise from that. But if you make something you're going to release to the public, and you don't know a thing about accessibility, don't you dare expect users to do to the work of learning your codebase, and making your thing accessible.

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If you release a program for use by other people, accessibility is your responsibility.
If you create a website for other people to use, accessibility is your responsibility.
If you make a platform for people to come together and meet on, accessibility is your responsibility.
If you make a framework for other developers to build things on top of, accessibility is your responsibility.

[FR] Et il est temps d'imprimer en 3D un goban 2x2 ! Quoi ? Je l'ai déjà dit ? Des preuves ?

Sérieusement, concevoir un jeu accessible n'est pas si facile. Je tente d'utiliser des billes pour une couleur et des pierres de go pour la prochaine version. Toutes les pierres doivent être inamovibles car les personnes aveugles ont besoin de toucher sans bouger quoi que ce soit. Mais au final, dans tous mes tests du jour, il est difficile de retirer les pierres capturées.

[EN] And now, it's time to a 2x2 goban! What? I've already said that? Any proof?

Seriously, designing an game is not easy. I've tried a lot of technologies. For the future version, I try marbles for one color and go stones for the other. All stones on the game must be inamovible because blind people have to touch without changing anything. But, in fact, it's hard to remove the stone when captured with what I printed today.

­­­[EN] And now, it's time to 3D print an other 2x2 goban ! Yes, because I love 2x2 gobans ! No, I can't play with it but I have a great and wonderful collection. (Perhaps, this f***** prototype will be good this time…)

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Since it'll be a miracle if Valve ever decides to add accessibility to Steamdeck/SteamOS, I'm really happy that we finally got audio drivers for Windows. Time to really test the thing!
Yes, even disabled people play games, thank you very much. Why wouldn't we?

[FR] Je commence à peine la lecture de Lanfeust de Troy en audio. Et c'est génial ! Je peux profiter d'une bande dessinée via le même service que tout le monde !

[EN] I've just started the reading of Lanfeust of Troy in audio. And that's awesome! I can enjoy a comic without effort with the same service as all people!

[EN] I need your help, I don't know the best way to manage dual language in my toots. Don't hesitate to answer this message.

[FR] J'ai besoin de votre aide, je ne sais pas quel est le meilleur moyen de faire mes toots en deux langues. N'hésitez pas à répondre à ce message.

I've just received all marbles ! So, I think design the accessible goban during this week. So, pictures of new version incoming (after printing it). Here's other versions already done (by laser cutting and 3d printing).

Il est l'heure pour commander 540 billes ! J'ai trois gobans à imprimer (avec 180 billes + 180 pierres pour chacun). C'est un nouveau test pour un jeu de go accessible pour les personnes aveugles. Et je veux l'utiliser pour des compétitions.

So, it's time to order 540 marbles. I have three gobans to print (180 marbles + 180 go stones for each). This is a new test for a real accessible go game for blind people. And I want to use it during competitions !

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